Friday, February 5, 2010

Family History: Finding the Time

This topic is very personal to me. Although I know I should do my family history, I also find many excuses why not to do it. These include many things: being a student, not taking advantage of the opportunities I have, and trying to rush things. I do not have much experience with trying to do family history, and I thought that I needed to understand the process more in able to be more effective. Otherwise I would be wasting precious time. In my narrow vision of graduating from college, I have felt that I do not have enough time to do family history, and that it is something I would do at a later stage of my life. Also, part of my family history has already been done, and so it is hard to know where to start. Some of my extended family members have been working on it, so jumping in would require extra collaboration. This barrier has also kept me from working on my family history, since as a student I am more focused on getting school done. However, through all of my experiences I have realized that I am the problem, and that my vision has been too narrow. I could put the blame on many things, but instead I will rely more on the Lord to help me recognize and overcome my mistakes and weaknesses and to recognize that this work involves all of us, even those that have gone on before us.

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