Thursday, January 28, 2010

Technology is not Perfect Yet

This last Friday there was a ‘Hope for Haiti’ telethon given on Friday to raise money for Haitian victims. However, there seemed to be some technical failures. Many people were not able to donate, by phone or the Internet. It seems that in our day technology has advanced so far that anything seems imaginable. We can have a video conference with anyone on the planet at any given time. But technology still is not perfect, and never will be. There are so many nuances, which means that there are more places to make mistakes. This is similar to what makes software engineering so hard. There are so many pieces that make up a telephone network that some might think that it’s a miracle that it works at all. But with complicated systems come problems as well. In the near future, even as technology improves, there will always be some problems. There is no way to guarantee that our complicated systems will work 100% of the time, despite our best efforts.

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