Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google versus China and their Censorship of the Internet

                In 2006 when Google started operating in China, it had to agree to censor search results. Now, after discovering that hackers in China had broken into their system, Google says it will no longer censor its search results. This means that Google would pull its business out of China if needed. Although this could potentially hurt Google, this is a good move because the Internet should be fully available to all. A government that tries to control the Internet is trying to control the lives of its citizens too much. Although there can be good uses for censoring or filtering certain aspects of the Internet, that should not be the government’s job. Our nation was founded on principles of freedom, such as freedom of speech. Although these freedoms might not exist in China, companies such as Google are trying to promote more freedom through the Internet. In the end this might hurt Google since China is such a big market, but more pressure will be put on China to allow greater freedom on the Internet for its citizens.

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