Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Internet is the New Printing Press

 Computers and the Internet can certainly be compared to Gutenberg’s printing technology. Nowadays information can be circulated even faster than before. It is like any tool we use, whether it be for good or for bad. We are the ones who decide how to use it, and as members of Christ’s church, we should use it to build the kingdom. Besides speed, the Internet has also brought more freedom. Anyone anywhere can write about anything and anyone else can find that information. There is no central organization that controls the Internet and that allows us to find any information we want. This is not so with other technologies, such as television or newspapers, where the information given is tightly controlled and there aren’t many alternatives. The Internet contains misinformation and straight-out lies, but truth can also be found as well for those who diligently search for it—not just a simple Google search. If any single organization ever gains control of the Internet our freedom could be hampered. 

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